Morecambe Bay Garden Rooms


Please try and provide the following information to us:



How big is the room you are wanting? (length x widths).

How close is it to your boundary.

How big is your garden.

What is it going to be used for?

Do you want sliding doors?

Do you want opening doors?

Do you want bifold doors

Do you want windows.

Do you want electric sockets and lights.

Do you want heating/air conditioning.

Shall we include decorating inside?

Shall we include decorating outside?

Do you have an existing level sound base?

Does it need to be bigger than 2.5m from the ground to the top of the roof?

Are you wanting the cladding to be in composite/wood/cement board.


The basic specification of our garden rooms is as follows


75 x 50 treated floor rails.

12.5mm wsb ply sub floor

Damp proof membrane

50mm floor insulation

18mm P5 finished floor


Skim finish

12.5mm plasterboard

Vapour control layer

100 x 50 treated frame

100mm full fill insulation

9mm osb ply ( or 12.5 mmm cement board for rooms requiring class B fire rating)

Breathable membrane

25mm counter baton

Timber cladding of choice (cement board cladding for Class b rated rooms)


Rafters in accordance with span tables

75mm tilt fillet

100mm insulation in between rafters

37.5mm insulated plasterboard to ceiling

Skim finish

18mm osb 3 roof boards

Epdm roof covering

Gutters and trims to suit